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Join Welcome! This page is split between two languages, Enlish and the one I'm learning - slenka! Please wait for this page to load completely before moving on... takk!

Hllo! Vilkomin vefsiur mnir. Ekki dma bk af kjlur. Nei g er fr islandia. g er amerkumaur. g bua florida. g er a reyni a lra islensku. islensku... a besta.

Ok, a little about me and this page. I'm an Civil/Structural Engineering major (formerly a Computer Science major) at USF in Tampa, Fl. Not a terribly exciting field to go into, but it's a fun field and I'll be able to make a decent living at it. This page is just to serve as a place to link to things of interest to me... Iceland and the language, Blues Brothers stuff, Christian music reviews (done by yours truly), and other assorted things I deem pretty cool. Enjoy.

I'll try to update this page as soon as possible. Right now school is phreakin crazy, so it may take a while for the changes to show up!

Feel free to share your opinion.

Takk fyrir! Sjumst.

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