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Thanks for stopping by. On this page I will attempt
to run some reviews of Christian alternative,
hardcore, techno, and other funky stuff. I also
plan to have a setup for you to give
some feedback about each album. Please
be patient while I get this up and running!

No Innocent Victim No Compromise

Massive Frequency Overload Compilation

Miss Angie 100 Million Eyeballs

Blackball Hope

The Crossing Dochas (hope)

Unashamed Silence

Ghoti Hook Sumo Surprise

Ghoti Hook Bananaman

Hockus Pick Snappy

Jeniffer Knapp Kansas

Organic Records Fruit of the Vine Sampler

Chris Rice Deep Enough to Dream

Sheesh Sheesh (Long Live Corporate Rock)

The Simply Fabulous $1.99 New Music Sampler

Tooth and Nail Records Songs from the Penalty Box

Spudgun Spudgun

Supertones Supertones Strike Back

Supertones The Supertones

Third Day Conspiracy No. 6

World Wide Message Tribe Revival

Zilch Platinum

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